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Personal Injury Law

Personal Injury Attorneys

Tate Rehmet Law Office is a Sherman, Texas, personal injury law firm, dedicated to representing individuals who have been hurt by a wrongdoer. The cases we handle include auto accidents, large truck wrecks, motorcycle accidents, wrecks involving pedestrians, premises liability claims, defective products claims and claims involving injuries caused by animals, including dog bites. Lawyers in Sherman typically have a varied practice, including criminal and divorce work. Our injury lawyers in Sherman dedicate 100% of their professional time assisting those who have been injured by the wrongful acts of another.

Defective Products

Defective Product Attorneys

A defective product, or a dangerous product, is a product which was not built according to the design, or the design itself was flawed before the item was constructed. These types of items can become lethally dangerous. Our injury law firm has helped many clients with defective product cases, including defects in cars, tires, flammable clothing, and hydraulic cylinders. More specifically, we have helped clients who were seriously injured in Sherman from the failure of a hydraulic cylinder which was lifting a large wing on a bat wing mower, a child that was severely burned in Sherman while wearing pajamas that did not meet federal flame retardant standards, and the wrongful death of minor children who were killed when a steering mechanism in a car failed. All of these accidents and the resulting injuries occurred in the Sherman/Denison area. Our personal injury lawyers were able to assist each client, helping guide them through the aftermath.
Products liability is a complicated area of law. Evidence which is not collected quickly may be lost forever. If you believe a dangerous product caused an injury or death, please contact our personal injury law firm by calling 903-892-4440 or using the contact form above to send our attorneys the details surrounding defective products and related injuries. An injury attorney in Sherman, Texas, will evaluate the dangerous product claim and take steps necessary to preserve evidence. The initial call, consultation, and investigation are free of charge.

Car Accidents

Car Accident Attorneys

Any of us can become the victim of an auto accident. Car wrecks are frequently the lead story in the Sherman/Denison news. Some of these car accidents leave individuals with serious injuries, while others are left with the death of a family member. Lives are changed forever, and financial hardship may ensue. The personal injury attorneys at Tate Rehmet Law Office are dedicated to recovering compensation for the harms and losses caused in these car accidents.
We are a personal injury law firm, devoting 100% of our time and effort representing individuals who have been injured, or the family members of those who have been killed by the negligence of others. Our personal injury attorneys handle car wrecks in Sherman, Denison, Gainesville, and Durant. One of our injury attorneys is licensed in Oklahoma, and assists with auto accidents occurring in Durant and Southern Oklahoma. If you or someone you know has been involved in an auto accident please don't hesitate to contact Tate Rehmet Law Office at 903-892-4440. Or, you may send our attorneys the details of the accident and injuries by using the contact form above. The initial call, consultation, and investigation are free of charge.

Truck Accidents

Truck Accident Attorneys

Many large commercial trucks haul goods through Grayson County as well as the surrounding counties. Tractor trailers are regularly running on I-35 through Gainesville, US Highway 75 through Sherman and Denison, and on US Highway 82 through Gainesville, Sherman, and Bonham. Many of these trucks are driven by individuals pushed to drive too many hours without sufficient rest, or by drivers not adequately trained by the company. These circumstances lead to truck wrecks. 18 wheelers frequently swerve in their lanes, and we wonder if the driver is texting, distracted, intoxicated, or just sleepy.
When these large commercial trucks hit a passenger car, the results are devastating. The personal injury lawyers at Tate Rehmet Law Office regularly file law suits against commercial motor vehicle drivers and their companies in Federal as well as state courts after one of these tractor trailer truck accidents. Please contact us now should you wish to speak to a personal injury attorney regarding a trucking accident case. You can reach us by calling 903-892-4440 or using the contact form above to send the details of a 18 wheeler truck accident to our attorneys, and we will contact you promptly.

Drunk Driving

Drunk Driving Accident Attorneys

Drunk driving, or DWI, happens all too often, frequently leading to auto wrecks caused by the drunk driver. Sadly, as of 2009, Texas was ranked 45th in highway safety by MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving) with 1,235 people killed by drunk drivers during that year. Many more people have been injured by intoxicated drivers. Alarmingly, according to MADD, the average drunk driver has driven under the influence of alcohol 80 times before being arrested.
Our Sherman injury attorneys aggressively pursue personal injury claims against drunk drivers. With rare exception, we file suit against the drunk driver, usually immediately after the client retains our firm. Chris Rehmet, a lawyer at Tate Rehmet Law Office, is a former criminal prosecutor who convicted many drunk drivers of the crime of DWI. He is very familiar with DWI investigation and evidence. In addition, Chris is an active volunteer with MADD in Grayson County, and regularly speaks to those individuals convicted of DWI in Grayson County about the potential civil liability of driving under influence and causing personal injuries to another. Our personal injury lawyers hold drunk drivers accountable and force those who commit the crime of DWI to meet their responsibility for the auto collisions and personal injuries they cause. Tate Rehmet Law Office has forced several drunk drivers to pay money out of their own pockets, above and beyond the available insurance limits.
If you are hurt in a car wreck caused by a drunk driver, please call. You have power over the drunk driver. The drunk drivers’ financial future is in your control. Our personal injury attorneys will talk to you about DWI and explain why you have this power, and how to use it. If a family member has been killed by a drunk driver, we will discuss the legal implications, but our accident attorneys in Sherman will also direct you to resources in Grayson, Fannin, or Cooke County that might help you with your emotional loss. The initial call, consultation, and investigation are free of charge. Please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 903-892-4440 or using the contact form above to send the details of the drunk driving accident to our attorneys, and we will contact you promptly.

Motorcycle Wrecks

Motorcycle Accident Attorneys

Automobile drivers have a duty to look out for motorcycles, but often do not look carefully enough. When this happens, the motorcyclist is exposed to serious injury, or even death. Adding insult to injury, the motorcyclist, who was doing nothing wrong, is often blamed for causing the wreck, and accused of speeding. This happens because the auto driver can’t explain why they did not see the motorcycle. In reality, the auto driver did not look carefully enough. When the car driver tells the police and insurance companies the wreck was caused by the motorcyclist, the police write unfavorable reports, and insurance companies deny claims that should be paid.
The personal injury lawyers at Tate Rehmet Law Office help injured motorcyclists pursue recovery of their loss, and handle wrongful death suits for the family members of motorcyclists who are killed. If you are hurt in a motorcycle wreck, or if your family member has been killed in a motorcycle accident, please contact us. A personal injury attorney in Sherman will discuss the case with you without any charge. You may contact us by calling 903-892-4440 or by using the contact form above to send the details of the motorcycle injuries to our attorneys. The initial call, consultation, and investigation are free of charge.

Medical Care

Getting Needed Medical Care

Health Insurance allows many injured people access to medical care. Without insurance, access to medical care can be difficult or impossible. Even those with health insurance may not be able to pay the high deductibles required by their policies. Our personal injury lawyers in Sherman understand how difficult access to medical care can become.
A letter of protection can be used to get access to medical care in lieu of health insurance. A letter of protection is a letter from our office to a medical provider promising to pay the provider's bills out of settlement or judgment money. This letter can be used to help gain access to doctors, therapists, radiologists, and pharmacies.
We are familiar with many of the medical providers in this area and can talk with you about which doctor or medical provider is most appropriate, as well as the best way to pay for that medical care.

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