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Personal Injury Attorneys Who Sue Drunk Drivers
Drunk driving is extremely dangerous and continues to be a major cause of automobile accidents in the Sherman, Denison and surrounding areas. Drunk drivers are much more likely to cause a car wreck. Everyone knows this, including the drunk drivers themselves. Therefore, cases involving drunk driving go beyond simple carelessness. The law calls this type of reckless behavior “gross negligence”. Gross negligence is treated very differently in the law, and so are injury and death cases involving drunk driving.


Cases involving gross negligence mean the drunk driver may have to pay for additional damages which are not normally available in other car wreck cases. These additional damages are called punitive damages. The drunk driver is liable for all the damages that occur from causing a wreck, including past and future medical bills, past and future pain and suffering and mental anguish, lost wages and all other elements of damage caused by the wreck, but the drunk driver is also liable for punitive damages. These are damages which are calculated to punish the drunk driver for his actions, and the drunk driver has to pay those additional damages to his victim.


Punitive damages are often large, because the people who serve on juries see drunk driving as an offense committed against the entire community.


Tate Rehmet Law Office is aggressive in pursuing drunk drivers. Tate Rehmet’s personal injury lawyers usually sue drunk drivers immediately in order to place pressure on the drunk driver and the drunk driver’s insurance company. In several instances the firm has collected all of the insurance funds available on the drunk driver’s policy, and forced them to pay money out of his or her own pocket above and beyond the insurance limits.


Beyond the higher level of damages paid, drunk driving cases are also different from a normal car wreck because the types of evidence which must be collected and reviewed. The police agency investigator will most likely have a dashboard video camera to record road side sobriety maneuvers and actions of the driver in question. In addition, after the arrest the police agency will collect a sample of the drunk driver’s blood or breath and test it for alcohol content.  By using open records requests and subpoenas, the personal injury attorneys at Tate Rehmet Law Office will get the videos and test results. This type of evidence can add considerable value to the client’s case.


If you have been hit by a drunk driver, please call Tate Rehmet Law Office at (903) 892-4440. A personal injury attorney will consult with you free of charge and discuss your injury claim in detail. Our office is conveniently located at 2902 N. US Highway 75, in Sherman, Texas. Please feel free to stop by any time.

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