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Many motorcycle accidents are caused when the driver of a car does not keep adequate look out and fails to see the motorcycle. Car drivers must look out for motorcycles, just the same as passenger cars. When a car driver does not see a motorcycle, the motorcyclist must take evasive action. Sometimes the motorcyclist is able to avoid a collision, but many times is forced to laying the motorcycle down or hit a car or other object. The injuries that follow can be devastating.


To make matters worse, the investigating officer is often critical of the motorcyclist in the police report. The police officer often does not have the opportunity to speak to the motorcyclist due to the severe injuries sustained by the cyclist. The driver of the car, who did not see the motorcycle, often tells the officer the motorcycle was speeding. In addition, most car drivers and many police officers have a biased belief that all motorcyclists speed. The result is a police report which places some or all of the blame on the motorcyclist, when in fact the wreck was caused by the car driver’s inattention.


An example of just this type of police report comes from a motorcycle accident in Denison, Texas. A motorcycle was southbound, and a northbound car turned left in front of the motorcycle. The investigating Denison police officer did not have an opportunity to speak with the motorcyclist, who was quickly transported from the scene of the collision. The officer concluded the motorcyclist was partially at fault after speaking with the car driver. The officer was unable to locate any witnesses.


In this case, however, the motorcycle accident was filmed by a local shop owner.


See Redacted Motorcycle Report


The video shows the motorcyclist accelerating, but not travelling at an excessive speed. The motorcycle remains in his lane of travel in broad day light. Careful observation shows the car driver did not stop, but turned left suddenly in front of the motorcycle causing the collision. The film shows the motorcyclist did not have any opportunity to take any evasive action before the collision.
The video refutes the police report conclusion that the motorcyclist was partially at fault for causing the wreck.


How A Personal Injury Attorney Can Help A Motorcycle Accident Victim


Unfortunately, most motorcycle wrecks are not filmed. If the police report places blame on the motorcyclist, then the car driver’s insurance company is likely to either deny the claim, or offer to pay only a reduced portion of the damages. The personal injury attorneys at Tate Rehmet Law Office will perform their own investigation to find other evidence which tends to show the car driver caused the wreck. The lawyers will sue the car driver, and will show the car driver and police officer rely only upon speculation when they allege the motorcyclist caused the wreck. By suing, the personal injury lawyers at Tate Rehmet Law Office have successfully forced the insurance adjusters to pay for all the damages caused by the car driver.


If you have been injured in a motorcycle wreck, then call the personal injury attorneys at Tate Rehmet Law Office for a free consultation at (903) 892-4440. The initial consultation and investigation are always free of charge. Our office is conveniently located at 2902 N. US Highway 75, in Sherman, Texas. Please stop by at any time.

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