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Personal Injury Attorneys and Texas Uninsured Motorists


You depend on the other person to have insurance to pay for your losses when they hit you. The law requires us to buy a minimal policy with limits of $30,000.00 to pay for injuries to any one person and $25,000.00 to pay for property damage. Being hit by someone who has no insurance, or does not have enough insurance, is frustrating. There are, however, steps which can be taken.


The first step is to look under every stone for insurance coverage. Many times the driver is not the owner of the car they were driving. If they borrowed the car from someone who is not a relative living in the same household, then there may be insurance in the driver’s household that covers them.


If there is no insurance, then the driver who caused the accident may have to pay out of their own pocket. Tate Rehmet Law Office has forced individuals to pay out of their own pocket on several occasions. The personal injury attorneys at Tate Rehmet Law Office can investigate to determine whether the person who caused the accident has assets to pay for the damages. If they do, then it is possible to force them to pay out of their pocket for your damages. Sometimes, the person who caused the wreck does not have money to pay for the damages. You must look elsewhere for coverage.


The last place to look is your own insurance. Uninsured motorist coverage is an insurance coverage which you buy to protect yourself against under or uninsured motorists. This is usually the last place to look for coverage, but it may be the only option. Under or uninsured motorist insurance coverage essentially states that your insurance will act like the other driver’s insurance company and pay for damages you are entitled to receive from the other driver. This means that all of the defenses available to the person who hit you will become the defenses asserted by your insurance company against you. Under and uninsured motorist claims have become difficult to assert due to Texas Supreme Court decisions which make large parts of the insurance code inapplicable to auto insurance companies. Those sections of the insurance code include many important laws requiring insurance companies to deal with their customers fairly. If your insurance company is treating you badly, then please call the attorneys at Tate Rehmet Law Office. They will explain the law to you, and help you figure out what to do.


Uninsured motorist insurance coverage will also pay for “hit and run” incidents. In order for there to be a “hit and run”, the two vehicles must actually hit one another. The word “hit” means actual contact between you and the run vehicle. There is a law in Texas which says that if there is not any contact with the run vehicle, then the uninsured motorist does not have to pay for the damages. This law is especially alarming for motorcyclist, who often are forced to lay down their bikes, or steer into medians, in order avoid contact with other vehicles or objects dropped by unknown people. There are a few exceptions to these rules. If you have been involved in a hit and run, please call to see if they apply to your case.


If you have questions about uninsured motorists, call the personal injury attorneys at Tate Rehmet Law Office for a free consultation at (903) 892-4440. The initial consultation and investigation are always free of charge. Our office is conveniently located at 2902 N. US Highway 75, in Sherman, Texas. Please stop by at any time.

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