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Chris Rehmet

Chris Rehmet Personal Injury Attorney Of Tate Law

Chris Rehmet is a former prosecutor with the district attorney’s office. While working with the district attorney he received valuable trial experience representing victims of crimes. Today, Chris uses his courtroom experience to help injured victims collect fair compensation from insurance companies.

Chris Fights for Dallas Car Accident Victims

Chris has a passion for fighting against insurance companies that he sees taking advantage of injured victims. “I am involved in battles with insurance companies daily to ensure our clients are paid what they are owed. Insurance companies don’t just roll over and voluntarily pay what they should. You have to fight them for what is fair. This is what I do every day,” says Chris.

Chris has a BBA from Austin College and a law degree from Southern Methodist University. He is licensed by the Supreme Court of Texas as an Attorney at Law and is a member of the Texas Trial Lawyers Association that fights for the rights of injured victims.

Chris lives on a ranch with his wife, Claire Tate Rehmet, and their two children, and he is involved in a number of charities. He has a special spot in his heart for multiple sclerosis charity.

Chris can be contacted at (903) 842-4440 or at this email link Click Here