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Lake Texoma- A Look at Accident Numbers


Located within the USACE Tulsa district of Texas and parts of Oklahoma, and formed by the Denison Dam on the Red River, Lake Texoma is one of the most popular lakes in the entirety of the United States. Each year, the massive lake and the lake’s surrounding areas welcome approximately six million visitors for hiking, […]

Attorney Christopher Rehmet On Giving Aliens Driver’s Licenses and Uninsured Motorists In Texas

A debate is taking place in the Texas legislature about providing illegal aliens the right to a driver’s license.  Many representatives believe giving undocumented immigrants the right to drive will actually reduce the number of uninsured motorists on the road, because proof of insurance is required before a driver’s license is issued.  They argue that […]

Attorney Chris Rehmet On the Wrongful Death of Deputy Chad Key By Repeat DWI Offender

Last week’s blog, entitled Personal Injury, Drunk Driving and Repeat Offenders, focused a statistic kept by MADD (Mother’s Against Drunk Driving) concerning DWI and repeat offenders. MADD tells us that the average drunk driver drives under the influence 80 times before they are arrested once. This statistic is scary, because it means that the average […]

Lawyer Chris Rehmet Discusses Drunk Driving Accidents, Personal Injuries, and Repeat Offenders

                 As an attorney handling personal injury matters, I see firsthand the many different ways people are hurt or killed.  Perhaps the most senseless are accidents caused by DWI.  We all know drunk driving is dangerous, and is easily preventable.   Most of us have a sense of outrage when we hear about a death […]